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In Canada, drug offences are prosecuted under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The range of sentences for drug offences is very broad. Hiring a Brampton criminal lawyer that has experience in defending drug offences is crucial.

Being charged with trafficking drugs, or “trafficking a controlled substance”, or the similar offences “possession for the purpose of trafficking” are considered very serious offences in the Canadian justice system.

If charged with possession of a drug, the Crown must only prove that the item found was an illegal drug and that the accused was in possession of the drug. If charged with possession of a substance for the purpose of trafficking, the Crown must prove that the item found was an illegal drug, that the accused was in possession of the drug and had an intention to sell or give the drugs to others. There are a number of factors that guide Police in determining whether someone should be charged for ‘simple possession’ or ‘possession for the purpose of trafficking’.

Having an experienced Brampton drug trafficking lawyer on your side will assist you in avoiding the very serious consequences of a trafficking or “possession for the purpose” of trafficking conviction.

Why should you hire Passi & Patel for drug related offences?

When charged with trafficking or “possession for the purpose”, your first step should be to contact our Brampton office at (905) 459-0004 to allow one of our criminal lawyers to assist you. It is unwise to plead guilty without proper legal advice. At Passi and Patel, our Brampton criminal lawyers are very experienced in in the areas of trafficking and possession for the purpose of trafficking and can offer you the legal advice and guidance that you require.

A conviction under Canadian drug laws will almost certainly affect your ability to travel to countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom. A conviction for a drug charge will also affect your future employment prospects. You also face the possibility of a lengthy jail sentence if you are found guilty of serious drug crimes.

Don’t hesitate and call Passi & Patel – Criminal Lawyers for a complimentary legal assessment to discuss your drug related charge @ (905) 459-0004.

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