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There are several different types of assault offences one could commit, with aggravated assault being one of the more violent types. Aggravated assault is considered a very serious criminal offence with serious consequences. Section 268 of the Criminal Code of Canada defines and prescribes the punishments of this offence.

How the Criminal Code of Canada Defines Aggravated Assault

According to Section 268 of the Criminal Code of Canada, aggravated assault is defined as:

  • Anyone, who harms, disfigures, maims, or causes endangerment to another person’s life commits aggravated assault.
  • Anyone, who commits aggravated assault, commits an indictable offence and is liable to a period of imprisonment for a maximum period of up to fourteen years, if found guilty.

Aggravated assault offences are the most serious forms of criminal assaults. To be charged with this type of assault, the harm suffered by the victim is heavily weighed and based upon the gravity and level of such injuries experienced. It is common for those charged with aggravated assault to be charged with other criminal offences, or have the charge linked to other assault offences, such as assault with a weapon, or assault with the intention to commit another crime.

Why Should You Hire Criminal Lawyers Passi & Patel?

If you, a loved one, or a friend has been charged with aggravated assault, the charge should be taken seriously. The consequences of being found guilty can greatly impact your life and the lives of those closest to you. Since this type of assault is an indictable offence, if found guilty, you could be imprisoned for up to fourteen years. At Passi & Patel, our Mississauga criminal lawyers are able to provide you with the most effective defence due to their skills, expertise, and knowledge of criminal assaults. Contact our Mississauga law firm now by calling (289) 803-5076 to schedule a free case evaluation and consultation appointment.

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