Careless Driving & Stunt Driving Offences

Careless driving and stunt driving offences are defined in the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) and prosecuted under this Act. While neither of these offences are considered criminal charges, being found guilty of either one can have serious consequences on your livelihood and ability to operate a motor vehicle, including vehicle impoundment, license suspension, increased insurance premiums, significant fines, and varying periods of imprisonment. Additionally, the HTA considers careless driving and stunt driving to be the most serious of traffic offences.

Careless Driving

Section 130 of the HTA defines careless driving as operating a motor vehicle in such a manner, without reasonable consideration or without attention and due carefor other motorists on the highway. If convicted and found guilty of careless driving, one faces fines ranging from a minimum of $400 to a maximum of $2,000, or a maximum 6 month period of imprisonment, or both a fine and jail time. Further the guilty person’s license is suspended for a maximum period of twoyears.

Stunt Driving

Section 172(1) of the HTA defines stunt driving as operating a motor vehicle in a contest or race, on a bet or wager, or while performing a stunt. The offence defines several types of stunts, which includes exceeding the posted speed limit by 50 kph (kilometers per hour) or more. If a person is convicted and found guilty of stunt driving, the potential penalties one could incur are a maximum fine of $10,000, a maximum 6 month period of imprisonment, and a twoyear maximum license suspension. In addition, upon arrest, the person’s vehicle is impounded and the driver receives a mandatory seven day license suspension.

Why You Should Retain Passi & Patel for Careless Driving and Stunt Driving Offences

The Highway Traffic Act broadly defines careless driving and stunt driving. Both offences are common traffic offences and are very serious in nature. As previously mentioned above, being found guilty of either careless driving or stunt driving has numerous detrimental impacts on your life, including, but not limited to, imprisonment, license suspension, substantial fines, increased insurance premiums, and vehicle impoundment.

For those, who are in the automotive and transportation industries, being found guilty of careless driving or stunt driving creates other complications and consequences with current employment and future employment opportunities. It is for these reasons, it is imperative you retain the services of an experienced and skilled Mississauga criminal lawyer if you have been arrested and charged with either careless driving or stunt driving. Know more

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