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In Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Criminal Code of Canada determine how drug offences are prosecuted. There is a very broad range of criminal drug offences and sentences, if a person is found guilty. Retaining the services of a Mississauga criminal defence lawyer, with experience defending drug offences is crucial to your case.

Being charged with “possession with the purpose of trafficking,” or the similar drug offence, “trafficking a controlled substance” are considered very serious drug trafficking offences by the Canadian Justice System. It is important to note the Crown must prove whether the accused was merely in possession or had intent to traffic the drugs. The Crown typically establishes reasonable grounds for trafficking offences based upon the quantity and volume of the drugs found in possession of the accused, as well as using the factors the police use to determine whether to charge someone with drug possession or possession with the intent of trafficking. On the other hand, if a person is charged with drug possession, the Crown only has to prove the item found in possession of the person is an illegal drug and the person was in possession of it. Having the expertise and knowledge of an experienced Mississauga drug trafficking lawyer on your side will help you avoid the very serious penalties and consequences of a possession with the intent to traffic or a drug trafficking conviction.

Why Should You Retain the Services of Passi & Patel for Criminal Drug Offences?

There are serious consequences of being found guilty of criminal drug offences. There are travel restrictions, where you can be prohibited from leaving Canada or even Ontario. In addition, the crime is recorded on your permanent record, which could affect future employment opportunities. Further, most drug offences include varying periods of imprisonment, with trafficking and more serious drug offences having lengthier periods of jail time.

If you, a loved one, or friend has been charged with a drug offence, trafficking, or possession with intent to traffic, your first step is to contact our Mississauga law office at (416) 417-4174 to arrange an in-depth, no obligation case evaluation and consultation with one of our experienced criminal lawyers. It is never in your best interests to simply plead guilty or take a plea arrangement without obtaining sound legal advice.

At Passi & Patel, our Mississauga criminal lawyers have extensive experience in drug related criminal offences, including drug possession and drug trafficking offences and will gladly provide you with the guidance and legal advice you require. Do not hesitate and risk your future. Call the criminal lawyers at Passi & Patel now to discuss your drug charges and discover what options you have by phoning (416) 417-4174.

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