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Some of the more common and minor criminal offence charges that become before the courts are shoplifting and other theft-related offences. Although these offences are considered minor, being found guilty can still have a serious impact on your life since the offence is recorded on your permanent record. Those with one or more theft offences on their criminal record can have difficulties finding and maintaining employment and traveling outside of Canada.

In many circumstances, people charged for the first time often exercised poor judgement, were suffering from an illness which resulted in them committing the theft offence, or acted impulsively. Our Mississauga criminal defence lawyers, here at Passi & Patel, are readily available to assist you, a loved one, or a friend, through this often difficult and stressful time and help to put your mind at ease. For first time theft charges, there are several potential defences and options to ensure your reputation and criminal record are protected. Our criminal lawyers are prepared to go above and beyond using a strong, strategic defence.

In cases where the theft-related offence was minor in nature and it is your first criminal offence, numerous court systems in cities throughout Ontario, like Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Oshawa, and Newmarket, could present the option, if eligible, to have the theft charge diverted, resulting in the charges being withdrawn and not having to go to trial. Each court jurisdiction has its own eligibility requirements for these programs.

If you are eligible for a diversion program, the court requires you to do various things in order to satisfy the requirements of the program and have your charges withdrawn. Keep in mind the number and types of tasks you are asked to perform depend upon the jurisdiction and can vary from one to the next. For instance, you could be required to perform a specific number of community service hours, attend a class or watch a video on shoplifting, or make a charitable donation to a designated charity organization.

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Here at Passi & Patel, our Mississauga criminal lawyers have extensive experience in defending shoplifting, fraud, property crime, and other theft-related criminal offences. Call our office at (416) 417-4174 today to arrange a free, complimentary case evaluation and consultation appointment. Our Mississauga criminal defence lawyers will do everything within their power to ensure you obtain the best possible results.

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