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See what a few of our past clients have said about our criminal defence services. The identities of those providing the testimonials have been removed for privacy reasons.

I heard about Passi & Patel from a friend. I was very nervous about what would happen with my case. From the first meeting with Rick Patel, he took charge of my case, explained the process to me and helped me to get a great result. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs help.

— July 15th, 2015

Passi & Patel is a very reputable firm. They are smart and attentive to their customer needs and always go above and beyond.

— July 10th, 2015

Jay and Rick are very professional, courteous, and thorough, dealing with clients assertively and respectfully. A great duo with plenty of experience and the means to get things done. Problem Solved!

— July 1st, 2015

Rick is extremely personable and knowledgeable in his practice of law. He took his time to walk me through my choices and was very honest with what my best options were. He encompasses strong work ethics as he was always responsive and completed all legal work in a timely matter . Rick gave me peace of mind during a difficult time in my life. I am very grateful for his services.

Thank you again for all your help!

— June 20th, 2015

The lawyers at Passi & Patel provide well-seasoned counsel that is honest, dependable, and effective. A true credit to the profession. I confidently refer all criminal related matters to the lawyers at Passi & Patel.

— June 15th, 2015

I would like to thank Rick Patel for his help in my criminal cases. Without his help I wouldn’t know what to do and I was surprised to see how much experience he has in dealing with the court system. Without him and his firm Passi & Patel, I would have suffered great loss in my matters. Thank you Passi & Patel Criminal Law firm, I know who to go to if I ever get into a problem with the law again.

— April 24th, 2015

I would like to thank Jay Passi for defending me on a serious unfortunate charge. His experience, confidence and empathy for my situation was incredible. This was a very stressful time and Jay and Rick kept me informed of every step and delivered the best favorable outcome on my behalf.

Honesty, integrity and patience are of upmost importance and Jay was true to these qualities. I highly recommend Mr. Passi and Rick Patel.

Thank you

— April 5th, 2015

Great Firm. Always exceeded expectations. The firm actually cares about its clients and goes out of its way to please them. They don’t give false hopes. They also work hard the get you the best of the best. Top lawyers cannot praise them enough. Hire them and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

— February 1st, 2015

Being the first time caught up with the law, I looked at several firms not to unsure of what I needed to look out for. I’m glad I chose Passi & Patel, specifically Mr. Rick Patel who took charge of my case. Mr. Patel kept me updated and had me reassured that everything would go smoothly which it did. I would happily recommend Passi & Patel’s services.

— January 18th, 2015

Jay and Rick are truly dedicated and passionate professionals. An excellent law firm that will work tirelessly to solve your problems.

— December 1st, 2014

After having a horrible and unfair experience with the law, I felt defenseless and scared for my family. Thoughts of losing everything in my life over a prejudiced and unlawful act from a couple of punk police officers devastated my family and I. But after one meeting with Rick Patel from Passi & Patel Criminal Lawyers, I felt confident that everything would be okay. Rick Patel, kindly sat with my family and reassured us on a personable level that everything would be taken care of, and more importantly that I would get my life back at peace. Everyone at Passi & Patel has been so pleasant and easy to deal with; they never make you feel like they are out for just business. You absolutely feel as if one of your good friends is lending you a helping hand. I am relieved to say that Rick Patel gave my family and I back our peace in our home, and gave us the justice that we deserved.

Big thank you to Passi & Patel, and especially to Rick Patel.

— January 10th, 2015

Probably the best lawyers I’ve had , I just gave them my disclosure and I didn’t have to worry about anything after that.

— December 3rd, 2014

Rick was very professional. He was punctual, very knowledgeable and came prepared for trial. He was confident and with his experience he was able to win my case.

— December 3rd, 2014

Jay Passi is a very well respected criminal defence lawyer that I have had the amazing pleasure of knowing over the last 8 years. He is always the first person I call whenever I need solid, reliable and accurate legal advice. I would recommend him to any individual who wants an experienced and efficient criminal defence lawyer.

— December 10th, 2014

Rick was referred to me through a friend. He initially provided a snapshot of what I could expect based on the pending charges against me on Sept.15, 2013. This was after taking all pertinent details surrounding the incident. On Dec.4 2013 i had an early resolution meeting. Rick was careful in his explanation and where jargon was misunderstood he provided layman’s terms with all of the things that occurred during that meeting. He also gave comfort in his communication as to not alarm me with my involvement with the case. July 1st 2014 Rick called the Crown about details about my case because no paperwork could be found. He informed me that he would appear in court to represent me and that the court date would be adjourned later. His work quality is impressive and though he tended to other cases he gave feedback during ‘time gaps’ where for example both of us had to wait until the Crown responded. The rating I am providing here is true. Rick followed my case all the way, to resolution.

— November 13th, 2014

Very professional law firm. Rick Patel had my case solved in 6 weeks and made me comfortable and relaxed at our first meeting. Thanks guys your awesome.

— September 5th, 2014

Very reliable. Got the job done in a timely manner with the best possible outcome. Highly recommend Jay

— May 20th, 2014

He’s a great person who was caring and really pleasant to deal with. He explained everything thoroughly and made the entire court process less stressful! Thanks for all your help!

— August 13th, 2014

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